Splash & Grab Magazine
Issue #2

Issue #2

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Our second issue investigates how the next generation of photographers are shifting the way that we look at images. As well as how they are adapting to changing spheres. 

Featuring work from:
Ana Catarina Pinho
Cian Oba-Smith
Gianfranco Gallucci
Ke Peng
Laurence Rasti
Marco Kesseler
Olivia Poppy Coles
Thomas Dryden Kelsey
Tom Jamieson
Tommy Sussex
Zora J Murff

As well as photographs from:
Asia Chmielewska, Fedor Shklyaruk, Francesca Jane Allen, Francesco di Marco, Jasper Fry, Jiehao Su, Joe Earley, Kent Andreasen, Luca Tombolini, Mark Wright, Martin Côté, Max Mikulecky and TJ Tambellini

And contributions from:
Alexander Norton, Hannah Geddes, James Duncan Clark, Jim Campbell, Leo Robins, Madeleine Dunnigan and Matthew Cunningham

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